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Risha moves from Bakersfield to Hollywood in the wake of her wildly successful directorial debut. While out shopping, she is discouraged to find that stores only carry clothing fit for thin-mint starlets. What is a girl, and other normal-bodied people, supposed to do? With opportunity knocking at her door, she decides to open up a hot new fashion boutique catering to people of all shapes and sizes. Join Risha in this fabulous fashion frenzy that blends the best of Time Management and Hidden Object games into one! Challenge 60 action-packed levels catering to glitzy Hollywood types, musicians, and even zombies. Take their order and find the items quickly to earn the most cash possible. Purchase new clothing lines at your discretion and shop upgrades to become more successful. With two additional mini-games, four types of bonus mechanics, and a fun new storyline, you'll be highly entertained.

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    Introduction: Creating games like this has become something that is totally necessary these days, as the sources for creating a good game that will draw some attention to it are becoming more and more dried out. For that imagination is a key thing that you have to have in creating something new or at least something that isn’t used that much with some features that will introduce you a world that you probably haven’t seen before. The combination of hidden object genre and time management is something that lured a lot of people out of their hideouts and on their computers to start playing as combining two most played genres in the casual games world can only result in greatness. The theme of the game is also very popular (but also avoided) with many people. But the people that I have in mind are normal people like me, who weight 85 kilograms and their height is 183 centimeters. Gameplay: Now where I live finding clothes is more or less easy, but if I suddenly move to Hollywood with my belly and try to find clothes, I won’t be having the time of my life that’s for sure, and that is where our heroine enters the scene… Risha is the one that is moving to LA to explore the city where Hollywood is located and of course the first thing when you move to a metropolis if you are a woman, is shopping. However what Risha will find in LA are all clothes that are so good they are made only for people who walk on the runway, as for them to fit a person with normal weight, not the mention someone with extra kilos, you can forget it. So the only thing left for Risha is to open up a boutique that will have all sorts of clothes in shelves, with all kind of sizes. The game is set in 60 levels for you to get through and it is up to you to decide whether you will do it in a timed or relax mode. Now which mode you will take depends on how do you handle hectic situations and how well do you handle the fact that time is running short on you. The game spin’s around the clothes that you have in the boutique. You will have customers that enter the store and they will express their wishes in a form of a picture or text that you need to fulfill as soon as possible. After you deliver the wanted clothes, you pick up the payment and that is about it. Now looking from this perspective it is a very boring game, but the game’s content is full of surprises for any player. First of you need money in the game so you can keep managing your business and from time to time you will need some extra that you can’t earn through the sales. For this case there are two mini-games that appear from time to time so you can earn that extra cash. The two games are matching and tile-swapping to create a picture of some of the clothes. The money will jump in the action after a couple of first levels as the game has been made for everyone to be able to play it. A couple of first levels are more than easy for most of the players and they come as some sort of introduction for the players so they can know what is waiting for them. If you experience any kind of difficulty on the first levels that his game is better played in the relax mode for you. The thing is, which every experienced player will notice, is that the difficulty of the first levels is very easy and won’t be any challenge for veterans of the two genres. The first levels will end shortly and the difficulty in the game will rise dramatically after a couple of those first levels. The clothes that you will display at the shelves are bought through by the money which you earn and after you sell them you earn more money. The diversity of the clothes that you can sell is divided into men and women clothing which is additionally sorted into different colors to make the whole thing additionally harder. So you can forget to be bored by this game that simply, as there are things to do and lots of them. The gameplay will turn in your favor if you can successfully make combos with your customers before their level of patience is gone. To do that you must chose the clothes carefully and you can carry three different fabrics at one turn to be able to create those combos. During the gameplay you will have a lot of trophies that you can win and there is the possibility to win the expert that is the Superstar rank for the collection and distribution of items (clothes). If the customers start to get restless there is a possibility to replenish their patience by buying different upgrades like the TV to keep them entertained. When the customers show up for buying there is no difference for the type of clothes they will buy, as they will buy men and women clothing, but the customers themselves can be tricky to what sort of clothes they will buy. As there are different types of customers you will have to start thinking strategies to keep everything going. The thing about this game when compared to some of the TM games that are connected to this game, is mostly concerning the complexity of the game as there are no ‘special’ tasks to be performed that will require of you hard thinking. Everything goes in its own flow of things. Graphics and sound: The graphics of the game follows this course of the game as the graphics presents a very nice presenter for this type of combined genre. The thing that might not be by yours could only probably be concerning the levels in the game as they become a bit monotonous as for the environment, but the content changes making it very worthwhile.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 102

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