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To take on illegal whale hunters in the Antarctic? Or to feel the rush as you evacuate an island threatened by disaster. Ship Simulator Extremes offers exciting missions all over the world as you pilot an impressive array of vessels, and live the story of real ship captains. With missions based on actual events, in realistic environments and locations all over the world, the new Ship Simulator is sure to take you into extremes! Online internet connection required to play this title.

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    Driving a boat is probably something that everybody sometimes in their lives has wanted to do! But to do such a thing you’d normally need a boat and a license if we are talking about great harbors, international waters, etc… But what kind of boat did you want to drive? Some of us would thing of a canoe or a small boat with a simple engine, but mostly we are talking about speed boats, yachts, or maybe even one of those big boats like cruisers, ferries or something like that. Besides the facts that it takes a huge amount of money to buy it takes also as much to maintain it, so for us mortals we can only satisfy ourselves with just seeing it. But there is a solution to experience the joys, but also the cons of driving a boat out on the open sea. Back to the game… It offers two main game modes, the campaign mode and the free-roam mode. The Free-Roam mode, well the title speaks for itself. You will be driving around doing absolutely nothing except visiting places that you want to visit. There will be slight maneuvering when it comes to traffic, but nothing to horrible. The Campaign mode is also divided into three different sub-modes: The Greenpeace campaign sees you chasing down rogue ships that are up to no good, Tourist Tales puts you in charge of peoples cruise holidays and Core is almost like the dirty work, captaining tow boats and the like in a series of somewhat mundane missions. As we are talking about a real-life simulation you can’t expect something thrilling to jump out suddenly. This is a boat simulation game, and to expect a pirate attack or something like that, you have mistaken the genre of a game. Every mission in the game is pretty similar to each other as the actions that can be done in the game are pretty much restricted to a couple of things. If you summary all the missions to one thing you get missions that revolve heavily around reaching a destination, performing a task and then returning to port. The hugest time waster in the game is definitely the voyages between locations. When you want to go from a certain location to another, you just click where you want to go, the speed you want to go, and fire it up. There are a couple of good things that certainly go in the games benefits. One of those examples is the random mission choosing, as you don’t have to fulfill some conditions in order to unlock certain levels in the game, and you can chose which to play straight away. There is also an option in choosing the kind of weather you want to be surrounded, which will effect on different achievements that can be won in the game. If you aren’t in the mood in solving different missions, you can just enter the free-roam mode and select any boat you want to and drive it around. Everybody knows that controlling a ship in real life requires a lot of people to maneuver it simultaneously. That a pretty hard job for a one man, if not impossible, especially with the big boats, but in the game, it is not much easier too. During the voyages from one destination to another you have the option to wonder on the ship, assumingly you turned on the auto-pilot, and search the boat. But if you are hoping that you will something, I’m afraid you won’t. All the doors are locked and content unavailable, but going to the deck allows you to enter the photograph mode and search around the ship. The Greenpeace missions are also there to be done, and you will get a lot of different missions to do, like spying on a tanker for a suspicion in dumping oil barrels into the water or waste barrels. The good thing about these missions is that they are clearly marked and not hard to reach, but a few glitches can appear from time to time, and cause you trouble. All in all we are not talking about a whole new simulation game that is different from its predecessor, but more upgraded version. It a shame because there isn’t much sort of this game on the market, but the game offers what it has. The developers worked three years on this game, a frankly they could have done a better job. Still, a new year, a new game, a new hope and maybe the game producer surprises us in more ways that we can imagine.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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