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A romance author takes a trip to an old castle in Transylvania hoping to spark the inspiration for her latest book. When she arrives, she gets more than expected as the ghosts of this once magnificent palace play out their heart-breaking story before her very eyes, prompting not only the storyline for her new novel, but her quest to reunite them in the afterlife. Plunge into the history of the haunted castle and follow the ghosts of the jilted lovers in this captivating experience. Walk the halls through 20 unique 3D locations to solve countless puzzles, find useful items, and uncover more of the fascinating story. With an organic new user interface system, you will become completely immersed in the magnificence of this stunning adventure.

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    Introduction: When you are a writer, you have to drain the inspiration that you use from somewhere. It doesn’t matter what type of text you write at all, as for writing, you need to have that something that will pull you out from a crisis, if you have got stuck on a part, in no time as a real writer can always find himself inspiration for writing text, the question is only where to find it! So where do people find source for their writings? Well everybody can write something, some lyric, poem, a text that contains some beautifully written words, or words full of sorrow. This all depends on what you feel; what do you see what others feel, or create a whole new world, pure fiction where you decide everything on your own. This all is a part of a writer’s source of inspiration and there are more of them, as everyone has a different source. For me I really don’t know from where it comes from, but it just does… Gameplay: The heroine of our story has a problem that I too get at times. She is a writer of love novels, but now she can’t write a single sentence, as there is nothing she can write about. So her husband had an idea, to send to the center of world’s romance and stories about functional and epical lovers, Transylvania. She travels to Romania, and stays in an ancient castle where she hopes to find something that will help her in her novel writing skills. But what she finds there is much better than getting an inspiration for a story. She finds herself a ghost to tell her a story from past times about a love triangle that is more than heartbreaking. The castle is full of voices that keep telling you the story; however that isn’t the only thing that you will be doing there. They combine marginally engaging mini-games, object-finding, and adventure game style puzzles that will give you such sensation you will start to think you are in a real love thriller. To truly feel the game and its story the game is done in a world of 3D effect. This 3D effect has been put into more than 20 different locations that allow you to move the view around and zoom in into the places of interest. The ghosts tell the story about Eva and Vlad, who could be equivalent of two mafia families. A son of the leader from one side feels in love with the daughter of the leader on the other side. The best things about it is she is in love with him too, but the thing that is going to destroy their worlds, the families decide to bury the axe with a wedding of Vlad and another daughter besides Eva, her sister Lydia. Everything was going as planned for the two families, until Vlad decides to blow the whole thing up as he doesn’t want to be without his beloved, and that is where a lot of things start to happen. The thing is that their ghosts can’t move on, until some matters are resolved, and as it seems only our heroine can take care of that matter. Like it states in the genre of the game, it is a mix of adventure and hidden object game. The mixing up of genres is becoming more and more efficient in the casual games world, especially for those who had success in this matter and have already discovered the formula for success. Now the game tries to do something that almost every other hidden object game can hardly avoid, or what’s more probably true they even try to implant it into a game, and that is backtracking. Items that you find along the way aren’t bounded to be used as soon as you found them in the game, but the chances are it will be used later in the game. But this game even if it tries it doesn’t completely eliminate the word backtracking, as you will revisit the places you have already visited sometimes during the game to discover additional things that were hidden to you last time. The mini-games of the game are probably something that you will like very much. There is a set of games that you have already seen like the jigsaw puzzles or puzzles to be solved either by switching tiles or by another used way. The thing that will come as a pleasant surprise is the unique mini-games that come inside the game, like the piano that is for summoning ghosts, while others are pretty familiar like assembling stuff in different ways. The hint system only works in the hidden object part of the game, but that is where you can needed it sometimes while the rest of the game is really manageable without any help. Besides the standard hint system, there is a help possibility in which you find the item on the list and then click on it, making it highlight somewhere in a scene. The game can be finished pretty fast, but that all depends on you and how much you will be using the additional help you have with the game and the hints of course. If you use that help excessively than the game should be finished in two hours or less, while playing it normally will result in the increase of the length of the game for at least an hour. Graphics and sound: The game’s graphics is probably the part of the game you will truly enjoy. Besides the wonderfully done scenes and every piece of detail that is done in a scene fabulously, you will enjoy the 3D effect that the game offers you and the additional details that you must pay close attention, especially when you are zooming in to look further into a scene. As this is a premium edition you will have some of the standard stuff that comes with it, like a screensaver and some wallpaper too. Additionally you have one level that is added to the story and of course you have the chance of fixing what has went wrong in the past and showing the two lost souls their path to becoming reunited in the afterlife.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 19.99
Size 207

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